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The commissions shall be directed by one of the representatives of the citizenry, who shall have the tie breaking vote, and its sessions shall be open to the public. Article 210. In those cases of selection of an authority by competitive and merit based examination, the Council for Public Participation and Social Control shall choose the one who obtains the highest score in the respective examination and shall report this to the National Assembly for the respective swearing in office. When dealing with the selection of senior management committees directing State entities, the Council shall designate the standing members and alternates, by priority, from among those who obtain the highest scores in the examination. The alternates shall replace the standing members whenever relevant, in compliance with the order of their qualification and designation. Those who are holding office shall not be able to submit their candidacies for public competitive and merit based examinations called to designate their substitutes.

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Motherfucker! he burst out when told. Youd ordinarily get much less than that for 20 dollars. Its because youre new. The junkie, originally from Seattle, begged for my stash so he could sell it to his own customers or take it himself. If I was sober, I wouldnt want you to give it to me, he said, but my problem now is that I only have five dollars and I want to go to Big 5 because someone stole my backpack. The brazenness of the narcotics scene has worsened since the passage of Proposition 47, another milestone in the ongoing effort to decriminalize attacks on civilized order. The 2014 state ballot initiative downgraded a host of drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. See The Decriminalization Delusion, Autumn 2015. Local prosecutors and judges, already disinclined to penalize the drug trade so as to avoid contributing to mass incarceration, are even less willing to initiate a case or see it through when it is presented as a misdemeanor rather than a felony. San Francisco officers complain that drug dealers are getting neither jail time nor probation. Drug courts have closed in some California cities, reports the Washington Post, because police have lost the threat of prison time to induce addicted sellers like the Seattle man into treatment.

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Lexton et al. , 2012. The most well known social networking website Facebook had Social Media and Barthes Cultural MythsSocial Media and Barthes' Cultural Mythshile social media services undeniably bring individuals together, they also have created a new type of cultural understanding of words. They have created a subset of individuals, who, as users of social media, conceptualize words themselves differently than individuals who are not social media users. Using Barthes' definition, social media itself can be seen as the setting of a cultural myth. It is a vast network wherein signifiers, which outside the myth are associated with their own rich set of signifieds, are given new interpretations Barthes 1957/1972.

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The under achieving mold is cast for Mack Browns program and I dont see it being broken as long as hes in charge. In an article by Scipio Tex on the Barking Carnival blog after the TCU game he wrote, . yet another Big 12 team rolled into Austin with purpose, kicked our asses, thoroughly out coached us, and showed what a program looks like vs. a random assembly of athletes. Really stellar performances were turned in this week by Mike Frank and Helen Frink. Mike and Helen had 7 correct answers with the answer to one question, Texas BCS Ranking post game, impossible to get right unless you assumed that Texas would lose to TCU. Helen wins in the tiebreaker because Mike Frank picked both Oklahoma St. and USC to win. Helen squeaked out the win by picking Notre Dame to win. John Scott finished alone in third place with 6 correct answers. Good to see these journeymen and women finishing in the top three.

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