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The resolution states that the members of the Adrian School Board would like the state to allow them to return to full in person instruction as long as the number of COVID 19 cases in Adrian stay low and the school adheres to the reopening blueprint that the school submitted late in the summer. Despite the monumental efforts being made, both our students and our educators have indicated to us that the level of instruction being provided via remote learning is extremely deficient when compared with in person instruction, the resolution reads. The resolution claims that there are a lot of students who do not have adequate means to attend remote instruction classes, reports of parents who are missing significant work to ensure their children are attending remote education sessions and even more by reports of children whose parents are not able to stay home with them and assist them with attending remote education sessions, reports by students that they are not being effectively taught, and reports by teachers that the remote education system is not effectively imparting necessary knowledge to their students. We are also alarmed by reports of delinquency that seem to be rising as the children are not in a supervised setting for much of the day and by the fact that there has been such a precipitous drop in child abuse reporting. Calling the resolution a necessity, Speelmon was happy to have the document ready to go in case the school board needs it. Im very happy to sign this tonight, he said. I dont know what else we could put in the tool box. But I think they are hearing us. Us as a board and Adrian schools. They know its important. Martinsen said that the lawsuit itself is getting attention from the state, but added that if the board is unhappy with the results of the change in guidance, but if they file an injunction with the state, it could be well over a month before they see court.

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We offer you to check your project code with PVS Studio. Just one bug found in the project will show you the benefits of the static code analysis methodology better than a dozen of the articles. PVS Studio is a static code analyzer detecting errors and potential vulnerabilities in the code of applications written in C, C++, . When talking about PVS Studio's diagnostic capabilities in our articles, we usually leave out its recommendations about the use of microoptimizations . Somehow, we've happened to check most of the libraries making up a collection called "Awesome hpp". These are small header only .

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Hot Drink Cups with Ancient Greek Motifs and lids, 2009 8" x 3. 25" dia, Dopaco Company, Inc. ; machine manufactured of paper and ink with plastic coating and plastic lids. This version is another knock off of the original Anthora cup designed in 1963 by Leslie Buck of the Sherri Cup Co. , Kensington, Connecticut. 3.

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Educational technology use, it turns out, is no Trojan horse, despite the wishes and hopes of many of its advocates. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, there are ethical difficulties with assuming that educational technology use should favor student centered, constructivist modes of learning and teaching. In districts in which teachers academic freedom is preservedat least in partarent the pedagogical approaches to be used the result of decisions that each teacher makes, preferably rooted in a well informed knowledge base of both students learning needs and preferences and corresponding methodological alternatives?Can it really be assumed that a particular approach works best in all teaching, learning, school, district, and community contexts?If the goals of technology integration are separated from the goals of educational reform, teacher educators are faced with an important choice. Should we, as educational technology leaders, concentrate our efforts upon developing, testing, and disseminating a wide range of educational technology uses that support a broad spectrum of pedagogical approaches?Or should we recommitand state publiclyour intention to help schools change the nature of teaching and learning through particular applications of digital technologies?Considering that the latter choice has been the largely unstated and, arguably, unsuccessful agenda for the past 20 years of educational technology work, perhaps a new approach is warranted at this point in timeone that genuinely respects pedagogical plurality and honors teachers academic freedom. In choosing differently, we would also commit our efforts in a different direction: to broaden our research and development work to encompass many different digitally supported instructional strategies while trusting our colleagues to consider and choose appropriately among all of them. The choice suggested here is not an easy one to make, since many educational technology leadersthis author includedmay have entered the field with not so hidden educational reform agendas of our own. Still, I urge us to consider seriously whether it is more appropriate to try to change the nature of teaching and learning through the integration of educational technologiesor to help teachers and learners use appropriate curriculum based technological applications more pervasively in all of their varied forms. Bull, G. , Knezek, G. , Roblyer, M. D.

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When we have greater clarity on this, we will inform you all. 2. Excursions will also need to adhere to specific conditions and protocols. We will consider all excursion opportunities on a case by case basis within the Department of Education, and community facility conditions and protocols that govern them. 1. Restrictions are still in place on gatherings and congregations. As such, we are still in discussions about how our End of Year annual events may be conducted, if at all. Hopefully restrictions ease further as soon as possible allowing them to take place. We will advise as soon as we can regarding these important Celebratory events. 1. Student timetables have been altered to facilitate our exciting building upgrades.

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