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The area, referred to in previous official City meetings as Old Town South, is directly adjacent to downtown Yuma. City officials and project team members believe a university campus would create synergy with the downtown to create a vital urban hub. The City of Yuma is committed in the long term to this 10 to 15 year vision of a downtown university, and sees it as a collaborative effort among many community partners to bring this vison to reality, and not solely a City of Yuma initiative, said Yuma Mayor Douglas J. Nicholls. Likewise, the campus could feature one university or could involve multiple universities, providing complementary academic services to the region. This is a conceptual plan only which needs to have the active involvement and cooperation of the property owners, she said.

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Mention of Mr. Hooper and his shop, he was also a minority, the Jewish shopkeeper. When he died it was an experience for all the kids who had grown to him. They got to experience life and death together. I am still learning about life, and my growth is enhanced with articles like these, thank youI watched, and loved, Sesame Street as a child in New Zealand. Its amazing to know how it came about I certainly didnt pay any attention to the ethnic make up of the show. I was born in 1966. As a child, I watched Sesame street every day until I went to kindergarten. I may have seen even the first episode. I remember when they switched Gordons, only I thought he had just shaved his head just read a few years ago that they replaced the original actor. My parents purchased the Fisher Price Sesame Street characters they were wooden then, and one of my cats loved to play with Gordon.

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Because consumerism is our new God, we work all hours to acquire more money. Modern life is riddled with apathy. People dont revolt any more and this is an essential part of Gramscis model. In order for a social structure to grow it needs to revolt. We did in the 1920s when we gained our political freedom so why not again?Because people today are too busy being distracted by the media. Throughout the media we are shown the perfect way to live, what we need to purchase it, to attain that lifestyle and most importantly what we should be thinking. Open the supplement to The Sunday Times newspaper, not only will it tell you what artists are cool and current it will also give you a meter to whats hot and not. There is usually a spread on a designer or artist with a photo shoot of their house. The following page has a guide as to where you can purchase items that are similar. We are filling our lives and our homes with products in the hope that they will give us an identity, a look a brand. But it goes further than this.

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With the new rules in effect, the maximum penalty could be between $10,000 and $500,000 depending on whether or not loss of the computer is determined to be willful neglect. So what has to be reported?Covered entities must notify patients, the government HHS, and sometimes the media when they discover breaches of PHI that were not properly secured through encryption or destruction. 26 Similarly, business associates must notify covered entities of breaches involving the covered entities PHI. A breach is defined as the unauthorized acquisition, access, use, or disclosure of PHI. 27 Unsecured PHI means information that is not rendered unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable to unauthorized individuals through the use of technology and methodology specified in the HHS Guidance. If PHI has been properly de identified, inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure will not be considered a breach and thus does not trigger the breach notification mandates. Health information is considered de identified if it does not identify an individual, if there is no reasonable basis to believe the information can be used to identify an individual, and if the covered entity or business associate complies with the privacy rule specifications for de identifying information. Disclosure of properly secured data through use of accepted encryption techniques is exempted from the notification mandates. Encryption means the use of an algorithmic process to transform data into a form in which there is a low probability of assigning meaning to the data without use of a confidential process or encryption key. It is important to understand that if the confidential process or encryption key is discovered or improperly disclosed, this would constitute a breach if any PHI were improperly accessed. The Guidance suggests that encryption breaches are best avoided if the confidential process or encryption key is kept on devices or at locations separate from where the PHI is stored.

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