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If the anthropologist is employed in a museum setting, much of the day may be spent in cataloging and curating remains and working with researchers, in addition to assisting medicolegal officials. Any of these types of forensic anthropologists may be called upon to respond to mass disaster situations, such as occurred after 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina; many forensic anthropologists belong to disaster and mortuary teams or organizations. When any anthropologist is involved in a forensic case, it may entail searching for clandestine graves and exhuming the remains and associated evidence from that grave. Different scenes require different responses, but every case requires attention to detail when recovering and documenting evidence. Recovered remains are analyzed for identification purposes and evidence surrounding the circumstances of death. The anthropologist writes reports on the analyses conducted including any exhumation or excavation, and if the case goes to court, the forensic anthropologist meets with attorneys to prepare for giving expert testimony in the courtroom.

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He had to borrow another at the lastminute, sliding into the starting line as the official was raising his flag. He was well placed in the field while travelling over themountain when he hit a corner with a thousand revs more than the corner wouldallow. The Austin 7 hung dangerously over a precipitous cliff for a fraction ofa second as he braked, so he lifted his foot. He approached a 60 mph corner at 70 a few miles further onand flicked his hand over the gear lever to change down. He missed the gear andthe car rocketed off the road, turning over and over down a hundred footembankment, landing upside down on its stunned driver. Regulations stated that drivers must report theiraccidents and get official permission to continue, so, confident of the outcome,Bill drove at breakneck speed to the pits.

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