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The Romans brought mass production to glass making, in the 1st Century AD they started using metal tubes for glass blowing, making it quicker and easier than ever before to make glass objects. The increased demand led them to build kilns in coastal areas which were abundant in raw materials and fuel for making the raw glass. The raw glass was then taken by ships into the cities to be worked by the artisans. This lowered the cost of glass even more, making it available to the masses, and glass jewelry became an economic alternative to precious stones and metals. With the fall of the the Roman Empire, Western Europe plunged into the dark ages. The production of fine glassware continued in Constantinople, capital of the former Eastern Empire, later know as the Byzantine Empire. The Venetian Republic gained its power and status in the same period. Constantinople was the largest and most important city in Europe at the time, and Western Europe was embroiled in Tribal battles and feudal systems. Venice was naturally positioned between the two worlds, allowing Venetian merchants to ply their trade along the Adriatic coasts and into the Eastern Mediterranean. By the 11th Century Venice was one of the most important and rich city states in Europe, and, with Venetian Republic's help, in 1204 the Crusaders sacked Constantinople. Many artists and craftsmen fled to what is now Italy, especially Florence and Venice.

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Classroom teaching changes in web enhanced courses: A multiinstitutional study. Educause Quarterly, 271, 26 35. Woods, R. , Baker, J. D. , and Hopper, D. 2004. Hybrid structures: Faculty use and perception of web based courseware as a supplement to face to face instruction. The Internet and Higher Education, 74, 281 297. Yeh, Y. 2010.

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