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Thank you thank you thank you!This is great. Im on the 4th week of the PTLLS. Thanks for the important points made. Found some helpful tips here. God bless. Thank you so much for this site. Because of this site I realise at what a lousy company I am taking the PTLLS course; they actually have given us Level 4 questions with tips for Level 3, very confusing. I do not even know how much words I am allowed. Useless. How can they teach us on assessment if they do not even know how to do it themselves?Return on Investment ROI is often associated in financial reporting as a ratio of the amount of return over the amount invested. It is also an indicator when looking at ROI and ROE in terms of evaluating leverage of a company among other valuable information.

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Published by Truran Printing Company, Meadville, Pa. The M. C. H. Alumnae Association, Alpha and Omega Meadville City Hospital School of Nursing 1888 1972. Very little text, but great pictures on every page of the facilities, administrators, students, doctors, graduates, etc.

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Even if the person or persons creating these lines uses real world coordinates and connects the dots they create, unless those coordinates and connecting lines were created as a result of a real world professional land surveyors standard of care the lines connecting those dots cannot possible represent legal property lines. Historically parcel level geographic information has been the realm of the professional land surveyor. Yet because of the utility of GIS, amateurs have taken over the process of deciding just what and how land parcel data will be represented on the internet. Even now it is very late in the game for surveyors to attempt to put a stake in the ground pardon the pun and claim what is legally and should rightfully be theirs. So how do we get back in the game?My suggestion would be to gather the resources and build a Real Property GIS using the new Lidar Mapping Headset I am developing. We are about to once again redesign the land surveying profession however this time we have a specific purpose that that will take 10s of thousands of property owners some paying over $1000,000/yr. out of a FEMA flood zone and save them a billion or 2 in insurance payments and my Lidar device is the key to the process. We are interested in exploiting freely available signals including GPS, cellular, digital television, and wireless LAN e. g. WiFi, SCP based Doppler Aided Inertial Navigation DAIN determines location through a sensor fusion approach. Combining inertial, magnetic, and gravity data with the SCP RF observables, DAIN provides continuous position, velocity, and direction information to produce datasets and make them commercially available.

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This strategy increases the pay for the driver but does not increase the total fare for the passenger. But if your ride quality was negatively affected by extra mileage or you ended up paying extra, you always have the option to report the driver to Uber through the Uber app. The story behind Uber drivers taking longer routes isnt just about drivers trying to get one over on their riderstheres a lot more to it than that. Read on to find out more about why your Uber driver might take a longer route deliberately, and what you can do about it if it happens. The practice where Uber drivers deliberately extend their intended routes to increase the mileage on a given fare is commonly known as long hauling. In most areas, Uber operates under an upfront pricing model, which estimates the amount of money a rider will pay before they take their Uber ride. In some cities, however, ride pricing isnt calculated until after the trip is complete. The main reason Uber drivers try to long haul is that Uber bases its payment to drivers on the number of miles theyve driven and not the amount of time it took them to take the passenger from point A to point B. Because of this, some Uber drivers will occasionally tryto pad their mileage by taking a longer route than necessary to reach theirdestination. A majority of Uber riders will not even notice the extra timespent since it doesnt usually reflect in their final bill. But for someriders, that additional time spent on the ride can mean the difference betweenmaking your flight or not.

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