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Like when you were trying to sleep. Or talk. Or hold a general assembly. One of the first times the General Assembly asked the drummers to quiet down, they simply moved their drums farther down the park. Another time, the drummers said what they were doing was sacred; theyd quiet down in a little while they didnt. This movement would not be here right now if we didnt do what we did, by playing all day, a drummer boasted. One night they grew so rowdy, they began to drown out the General Assembly altogether. So the first order of democracy was to bring the drummers, many of whom did not want to stop drumming long enough to talk, into the assembly. A lot of them werent interested. Aggro was the word you started hearing around the camp. Scary was another.

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In Wicca, there is no set sacred text such as the Christian Bible, Jewish Tanakh, Hindu Gita or Islamic Quran, although there are certain scriptures and texts that various traditions hold to be important and influence their beliefs and practices. Gerald Gardner used a book containing many different texts in his covens, known as the Book of Shadows among other names, which he would frequently add to and adapt. In his Book of Shadows, there are texts taken from various sources, including Charles Godfrey Lelands Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches 1899 and the works of 19th20th century occultist Aleister Crowley, whom Gardner knew personally. Also in the Book are examples of poetry largely composed by Gardner and his High Priestess Doreen Valiente, the most notable of which is the Charge of the Goddess. Similar in use to the grimoires of ceremonial magicians, the Book contained instructions for how to perform rituals and spells, as well as religious poetry and chants like Eko Eko Azarak to use in those rituals. Gardners original intention was that every copy of the Book would be different, because a student would copy from their initiators, but changing things which they felt to be personally ineffective, however amongst many Gardnerian Witches today, particularly in the United States, all copies of the Book are kept identical to the version that the High Priestess Monique Wilson copied from Gardner, with nothing being altered. The Book of Shadows was originally meant to be kept a secret from non initiates into BTW, but parts of the Book have been published by authors including Charles Cardell, Lady Sheba, Janet Farrar and Stewart Farrar. The pentagram is a symbol commonly used by Wiccans. Wiccans often understand the pentagrams five points as representing each of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and aether/spirit. It is also regarded as a symbol of the human, with the five points representing the head, arms, and legs. There is no overarching organisational structure to Wicca.

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"Its our position that if you read that document, the overarching conservation purpose of the easement is to preserve it as open space for the aesthetic and scenic beauty, and for recreational purposes," says Garnsey. According to her office's research, CdeBaca told committee members that there are no other conservation easements in Denver. Still, while the initiative is clearly inspired by the Park Hill Golf Club controversy, its language is not just limited to this conservation easement. "We know in the future there could be conservation easements," says Garnsey. "Conservation easements, when theyre in place, should be protected. "The measure would not only allow residents to vote on whether an easement should be removed, but also to vote any time the city wants to allow commercial or residential development on park land.

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If you are on a leave of absence, transfer, withdraw, or are dismissed, such will be noted in the top portion of the transcript. Curriculum units completed up to departure are listed with performance notations. The U remains on the final transcript even after remediation when such remediation is substantial, that is, a repeat of the entire year one, a repeat of an entire year two course, or a repeat of more than half of an entire clerkship. The U is replaced by S after successful remediation of a portion of the year in Years One, Two or Three. The Student Progress Committee determines the use of the S instead of the S notation in cases where the remediation is indicated to be minor in the opinion of the course faculty. It is hoped that this teaching system will accomplish several things.

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