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Yesterday, we talked about the hypocrisy of reputation management. In that example, I showed a convicted felon who had gone out of his way to create a perfect Internet image. Ive mentioned several times I used to have a real estate blog, but I never provided the proper context of its existence. I began it in the Fall of 2006 just when many popular real estate markets were beginning to see a top in housing prices. From my perspective in Utah, I didnt see a problem. As I continued writing, it became apparent that I, along with many others, had misjudged.

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The Board is made up of: i six 6 Drexel faculty members, of whom at least three 3 have or use computational facilities located in the URCF; ii the Vice President, Information Technology; iii a designated representative of the Senior Vice Provost for Research; and iv the Senior Systems Administrator;4. Faculty members serve two 2 year terms, which are renewable for no more than one 1 additional consecutive 2 year term;5. The Chair will call for nominations for board member replacements from the general faculty every June. Elections for new board members occur in September, and newly elected board members if any will begin service in October;6. In the June of a year in which the Chair stands for election, the Chair will call for nominations from among the current faculty on the Board. A vote for the Chair will occur in the subsequent September by the voting members of the Board. The new chair if any will begin service in October;7. The Board and the Chair shall ensure through the selection of candidates for the Board, that at least three distinct academic units i. e. , Schools and Colleges are always represented on the Board. 10.

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Like the diver, the learner has to think carefully with clarity, which takes training, practice and lots of patience. Critical thinking is best practiced when we know and understand the steps involved. The ladder below illustrates Benjamin Blooms model of critical thinking which is also known as Blooms Taxonomy. Teachers have the mandate to create learning environments that are allow students to engage in activities that enhance complex learning skills. Making a group project like creating a documentary video or solving a problem allows them to tap into their critical thinking skills. The process challenges students to think rationally without bias and arrive at a logical conclusion that can aid decision making. As a History teacher, I use a variety of assessment questions and activities that enhance critical thinking skills. The table below shows sample questions that correspond with the thinking skill. Although assessment questions enable learners to be more familiar with the different skills, they need to apply these skills in a more complex activity like planning an event e. g. United Nations Day, Linggo ng Wika or creating a video presentation.

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He was subsequently censured, had his law license suspended for two years, and was prohibited from ever again serving as a judge by the supreme court. Ten other judges were censured, which is essentially a public rebuke and the most lenient formal sanction that can be imposed on a judge. Four other city judges have been suspended since 1994, but were allowed to return to the bench. One of the judges was censured in 2005 for appearing to show favoritism when he dismissed several charges and waived fines for a county officials relative, according to the case description. A third judge was censured in 2006 for ordering a husband and wife jailed while refusing to allow them to contact their attorney or child care provider. Other misconduct by city judges that drew nothing more severe than a censure includes yelling at defendants, failing to allow defendants to speak with an attorney, using vulgar language, and communicating improperly with attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, victims, or defendants. COLLECTION TOOLSTo ensure a steady stream of income, the judge in Ferguson aggressively used collection tools, such as arrest warrants, to make sure people were paying their fines, according to DOJ. Arrest warrants were routinely issued for people who missed court appearances or even a single payment on a fine. When that defendant was subsequently arrested, a new criminal charge was added, which brought more fines and more legal complications. The evidence we have found shows that these arrest warrants are used almost exclusively for the purpose of compelling payment through the threat of incarceration, DOJ concluded. Most strikingly, the court issues municipal arrest warrants not on the basis of public safety needs, but rather as a routine response to missed court appearances and required fine payments.

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