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Borrowing is just taking a word from another language. The borrowed words are called loan words. A loanword or loan word is a word directly taken into one language from another with little or no translation. By contrast, a calque or loan translation is a related concept whereby it is the meaning or idiom that is borrowed rather than the lexical item itself. The word loanword is itself a calque of the German Lehnwort. Loanwords can also be called "borrowings". English has many loanwords. In 1973, a computerized survey of about 80,000 words in the old Shorter Oxford Dictionary 3rd edition was published in Ordered Profusion by Thomas Finkenstaedt and Dieter Wolff. Their estimates for the origin of English words were as follows:Coinage is the invention of totally new words. The typical process of coinage usually involves the extension of a product name from a specific reference to a more general one. For example, think of Kleenex, Xerox, and Kodak.

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He had no connections to store owners in Massachusetts, either. Who would ever let him and Marge stand in one spot for hours, printing ticket after ticket?Still, he couldnt resist. Jerry emailed the plant manager back, asking if he knew anyone who ran a party store in the state. The player gave him a name: Paul Mardas, the owner of Billys Beverages, in Sunderland, about 50 miles from the western border of Massachusetts. Disliking the hassle of airports, Jerry climbed into his gray Ford Five Hundred one day in August 2005 and began the 12 hour drive to the East Coast. What he didn't know was that, for the first time in his gambling career, he was about to encounter some ruthless adversaries.

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As an officially marginalized because seriously Left writer and historian who has been describing Trumpism and Trump as fascist in nature since before the 2016 election and who has been in the streets more than once with Refuse Fascism, its hard to resist the temptation to say this:I told you so. This is the very fascist Trump that I and other crazy radicals and betting wetting liberals were trying to tell you about. We meant it when we said this was fascism. You wouldnt listen. You laughed it off as liberal and Democratic hysteria, which was absurd a given the history unfolding before your very eyes and b the fact I am a consistent and relentless Left critic of the Democratic Party and its liberal, moderate, and progressive supporters. I really dont want to do that because people figure stuff out when they figure it out at their own pace and in their own way, right?Still, I have got to ask a possibly uncomfortable question about the recent liberal and progressive discovery of the menace of Trumpism fascism: why now?Why all the sudden alarm about fascism with a Trumpist face in the summer of 2020?The first and most obvious answer is the significant extent to which Trumps more latent fascism gave way to active and graphic fascism after the rise of the great peoples George Floyd Rebellion of late May and June of 2020, with hot embers still burning through July in Portland, Seattle and other locations. Trumps response has been straight up fascist: calls for total domination by cops and troops; calling Black Lives Matter protesters terrorists and radical Left extremists; threatening protesters with vicious dogs and ominous weapons; the savage chemical weaponized clearance of Lafayette Square for a Christian Fascist photo op with Trumps Defense Secretary and Attorney General by his side; the classically authoritarian deployment of mysterious federal paramilitary mercenaries from the lawless border to repress citizen free speech and assembly rights in the homeland cities of Portland and Seattle; the boldfaced race baiting, much louder than the usual dog whistles, replete with neo Nixonian suggestion to Black and brown urban hordes are coming out to destroy white suburbs. Federal black shirt paramilitaries are now being dispatched to Chicago and other cities by a tyrant who has threatened to send out 75,000 federal agents to crack down on Black people and social justice protestersTrumps racist law and order demonization of the nations big multiracial cities is straight out of the fascist playbook, as Jason Stanley told us two years ago. The malignant psychotic Trump is running dress rehearsal for martial law Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan with his paramilitary assaults on U. S. cities and citizens.

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Peterson ble senere utpekt til MVP etter 2 097 rushing yards, nest mest i n sesong i NFLs historie. I 2013 sesongen avsluttet Vikings 5 10 1, uten en eneste seier p bortebane. Dette var lagets siste sesong i Metrodome, og Frazier fikk sparken etter seriespillet var over. Laget ansatte tidligere defensive coordinator for Cincinnati Bengals Mike Zimmer som Fraziers erstatning som hovedtrener den 16. januar 2014. Norv Turner, tidligere offensive coordinator for Cleveland Browns, erstattet Bill Musgrave, og George Edwards erstattet Alan Williams som defensive coordinator. Running back Adrian Peterson fikk bare spilt n kamp i seriespillet fr NFLs kommissr Roger Goodell satte han p kommissrens unntaksliste p grunn av hans pgende rettssak om barnemishandling. 16. april 2015 annonserte ligaen at Peterson skulle f spille igjen fra 17. april 2015. Vikings avsluttet sesongen 7 9, med bare n seier mot andre lag i divisjonen, men quarterback Teddy Bridgewater satte en franchiserekord for seiere for en nykommer startende quarterback.

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Public servants shall consist of all those persons who in any way or under any category, provide services or hold an office, function, or dignity in the public sector. The rights of public servants cannot be waived. The law shall determine the executive body in charge of human resources and remuneration for the entire public sector and shall regulate admittance, advancement, promotion, incentives, disciplinary system, job security, salary scale and termination of duties of its employees. Remuneration of public servants shall be fair and equitable, in line with their respective duties, and shall take into account their professional development, training, responsibility, and experience. Article 230. In the exercise of public office, the following is forbidden, in addition to what is provided by law:1. To hold more than one public office at the same time, except in the case of university teaching, as long as ones schedule allows its. 2. Nepotism. 3. Actions of discrimination of any kind.

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