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They will just buy!Point: If we only see what we focus on then we get that. I have learned thatwhatever I fear, I will attract into my life. Whatever picture I have in mymind, I will attract. 'Speak Like a Pro for Profit': Struggling to get clients?Want to have afull speaking calendar?This e book contains proven tips and techniques tobecome a polished presenter to speak effectively to anyone, anywhere, withconfidence. I wrote this for speakers, coaches, authors and businessprofessionals who want to deliver masterful presentations and/or grow aprofitable speaking business. Only $8. 95. Go to for details. Want to speak to Associations?Check out the association meeting and eventplanners directory from Douglas Publications: Since great covers will increase sales of your ebooks, here is a top notchdo it yourself eCover design program from Judy Cullins, book coach: Coach Sandra Schrift shares a few easy to read insights in this bi weeklybroadcast, and welcomes positive responses and input. Her 13 years as thefounder/owner of The Podium Speakers Bureau in San Diego afforded her theprivilege to work with many outstanding professional speakers and meetingplanners nationwide. She knows what the Meeting Planners want .

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Please hurry, I just had cancer stomach tumor removal and may not have but two more years left. I have references, but I feel that God will lead us togeather. I know this sounds so basically amateur but my faith has no bounds and I am a mustard seed for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking time to read and pray over this. May you and your be blessed. Larry, in His service. This is my first attempt on a computer, etc. ,I am Scott George Mijin. I was born in Wisconsin State USA on April 23 1988. My father took his Master degree at the University Wisconsin and after graduating went back home to Malaysia. At the moment, I am taking a degree in electronic and electric engineering at the local university here.

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