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Curious, I asked one man who looked like he was almost moved to tears by the debate whether he voted. "Of course," he said. The scene made me think how close non voters are to this kind of action and the power that one person like Elle Cochran has had to mobilize them. It was only two short years ago that she was in her mid 40s and had never participated in politics in any way. That night, she was called upon, wearing a band of flowers around her head, to give technical updates about the disputed land's agricultural status and what that means. They're people like Kuulei Davis, 28, who was sitting beneath a shade tree on a beach near Lahaina. You could see paddle boarders and sailboats in the distance. She told me voting and civic engagement don't mesh with the laid back lifestyle in Hawaii. "We just kind of keep it real simple," she told me. "Politics and all that stuff, on an island like this?It doesn't flow very well. "That's not true, of course.

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If not already approved as part of a pre existing project, the proposal must also be approved by any other appropriate school committees such as the Springfield Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects SCRIHS, Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee LACUC, Radiological Control Committee RCC, and/or the Infection Control and Safety Committee ICSC before the project can begin. The medical student must complete all training and other approval processes required for the research project. To receive research elective credit, the student must complete the project to the satisfaction of the faculty mentor. The research plan portion of a proposal should be clear, specific and informative, with a well defined problem and a well defined approach to study the problem. The year 4 elective committee will review and must approve research proposals submitted for elective credit in order to determine the appropriateness of elective time required and educational merit. The SIU School of Medicine SIUSM encourages its faculty to participate in scholarly endeavors, particularly biomedical and behavioral research. The purpose of the Misconduct in Science Committee is to investigate allegations of misconduct of SIUSM faculty in proposing, conducting, or reporting research in a manner that seriously deviates from practices commonly accepted in the scientific community. Section 1: The committee shall be named the Misconduct in Science Committee and will be referred to hereinafter as the Committee. Section 2: The Committee is organized for the purpose of ensuring that the School of Medicines mission of research is conducted in an appropriate manner and that allegations of misconduct are investigated in an appropriate fashion. Section 3: Misconduct is defined as fabrication of data, falsification of data, plagiarism, or any other practice that seriously deviates from those that are commonly accepted within the scientific community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research. Section 1: Voting members of the Committee are five selected faculty members who hold the rank of Professor in the School of Medicine.

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