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?A truly qualified candidate must be able and willing to be independent regardless of who wins the Chief Executive position and who might be on county council,?said Howard. ?I am not embarking on a political career in Allegheny County. I will not be doing the job while lining up allies for my next political endeavor, or allies for my uncle??Wagner, the niece of State Auditor General Jack Wagner and daughter of 19th ward Democratic chairman Pete Wagner, takes issue with the idea that family connections or career aspirations would affect her independent judgment. Wagner cites her service in Harrisburg, where she cast one of only two votes by Democrats against former Gov. Ed Rendell?s budget in 2010, and other votes that she says went against the interests of her campaign contributors. ?If the fact that I am younger is a problem, then perhaps he should just say that,?Both say the county is overreliant on one time revenue sources and needs to address long term budgetary problems to remain solvent.

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They also used cupping, a method of blistering the skin so blood could be released from the blisters. Leeches were also used to suck up blood apparently they can suck up ten times their body weight in blood. Bloodletting at the time was used to cure acne, asthma, cancer, cholera, coma, convulsions, diabetes, epilepsy and much more. Did bloodletting work?It may have in some cases. If a person had high blood pressure, perhaps releasing some blood may have helped. If a person had a high iron level, blood letting may have reduced it. Of course, there are those people who truly believed it would help, so it would; today, we call it that placebo effect. Of course, releasing too much blood from a body will do irreparable harm. An example of a failed blood letting is the death of George Washington, yes, the George Washington. He had a sore throat, which was not really significant, until he woke one night and had difficulty breathing. A doctor was called, but before the doctor got there, George Washington ordered an employee to bleed him.

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This story is huge and its the October surprise, imho. This is EXACTLY THE OBAMA MODUS OPERANDI. This happened in Illinois. To win races there, he just happened to have stooges who got hold of SEALED records divorce/custody of his opponents and then they were leaked just in time to destroy the opponents campaign. Blair Hull and Jack Ryan. Look them up. But this whole thing is a set up. First Reid goes out and hypes the issue. Makes the charges about Romney not paying taxes. Barry and the rest set up the FALSE standardsupposedly 12 years are released by all candidates. NOT TRUE.

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