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A simple majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for regular meetings, special meetings and Administrative Council meetings. E. All official members have the privilege of the floor at regular, special and Administrative Council meetings; such privileges shall be exercised in a decorous manner. The Chairperson will extend this privilege to all special interest groups or individuals, if previously placed on the agenda. F. Whenever strict parliamentary procedure is necessary Robert's Rules of Order latest edition shall prevail, except when in conflict with this Constitution. G. All Assembly meetings will be open to all interested parties unless an executive session is announced by the Chairperson previously. This constitution may be attended, repealed or amended by a two thirds 2/3 vote of the members present and voting at a designated meeting of the Assembly. Fourteen 14 days prior written notice of the proposed constitutional change shall be given to each member of the Assembly. This body shall come into being at the first formal meeting of the class officers, with general consent of all voting members, at which time this statement shall be changed to reflect the aforementioned action.

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