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Speroni to conclude that school nurses might use their position as "role models and spokespersons to foster increased activity and improved nutritional education in their schools and communities. "Speroni, director of nursing research at Inova Loudoun Hospital, concedes that "school nurses and/or school staff cannot solve the childhood obesity epidemic. " But it's a place to start. In her study, students at four elementary schools volunteered for an afterschool exercise and nutrition pilot program based on the local franchise Kids Living Fit. Speroni, with fellow researchers Cynthia Early, research nurse at Inova Loudoun Hospital, and Martin Atherton, George Mason University adjunct professor, added registered dietitians and registered nurses. The children also participated in afterschool activities, and for four of the 24 weeks wore a pedometer and recorded how many steps they took in a week. The object of the study, Speroni said, was to determine whether children can be taught to make "best choices" with respect to activities and the food they consume. The answer was "yes. " The body mass index ratio of body fat to height and weight decreased in the study group at the end of the 24 weeks. Dietitians met with the students four times, 30 minutes per session, to discuss "best choice" lunches, the Food Guide Pyramid and serving size, healthy choices and portion distortion, and fast food evaluation. The schools serve up about 24,000 lunches a day that meet or exceed national and state nutritional guidelines.

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Of these,. 31. 4% are female Xerox Corporation. Its diversity initiatives consist of a balanced workforce strategy, a minority or female vendor program and work life programs Xerox Corporation, 2009. The company's diversity agenda is fuelled by an executive commitment, communications, training and competency, operations strengthening and continual strategy development. The Diversity Council's 15 senior leaders meet with the caucus groups to review diversity practices and receive recommendations. Discussions focus on workforce representation, work environment, diverse customer markets, diversity practice like training, other initiatives at continually improving multicultural diversity within the company. The Xerox Foundation also extends financial support to university affairs, community affairs, Xerox technical minority . led me to suggest, as an alternative to assimilation, the value of being asimilao. IV. eminders to HelpKim and Lyons 2003 report that games can be successfully used to instill and enhance individuals' abilities to succeed in a multicultural firm.

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