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We are similar in ways we re socialize seminarians/cadets by "stripping away the individual's current identity and stamping a new one in its place," and indeed ours are institutions that cause profound effects on attitudes and orientations to life of those who choose to be part of us, just as how your seminary experience has shaped you, and of those former cadets I know. Hidden curriculum is acknowledged as the socialization process of schooling. Accordingly, Drebeen 1968 argues that each student has different parental background and when each attends to school, he/she encounters the norms of schools that will prepare them to involve in the life of public spheres. He defines these norms as independence, achievement, universalism, and specificity and suggested that these norms are required to teach them in order to collaborate with modern industrial society. Apple 1982 emphasized that hidden curriculum involves various interests, cultural forms, struggles, agreements, and compromises. Michael Lynch 1989 argues that schools have universalistic and particularistic hidden aspects that enable an unequal environment for students.

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Todays multiple choice tests are more sophisticated than their predecessors. The Center for Public Education, a national public school advocacy group, says many multiple choice tests now require considerable thought, even notes and calculations, before choosing a bubble. In Jan. 1998, Public Agenda found that 66% of college professors said elementary and high schools expect students to learn too little. By Mar. 2002, after a surge in testing and the passing of NCLB, that figure dropped to 47% in direct support of higher expectations, strengthened standards and better tests. Most teachers are not trained in testing and measurement, and research has shown many teachers consider noncognitive outcomes, including student class participation, perceived effort, progress over the period of the course, and comportment, which are irrelevant to subject matter mastery. The Mar. 2011 USA Today investigation of scoring anomalies in six states and Washington DC was inconclusive, and found compelling suggestions of impropriety in only one school. The US Department of Educations Office of Inspector General said on Jan. 7, 2013 that an investigation had found no evidence of widespread cheating on the DC Comprehensive Assessment System tests.

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The Disney executives first trial ended in a hung jury for exactly this reason. As with the attack on mainstream media and violence, campaigners can present themselves as protecting children rather than policing the behavior of consenting adults. Whatever the reason, the genie wont be stuffed back in the bottle. Yet this genie comes with a likely train of genuine social pathology whose limits well just have to discover. One can only speculate here, but pornographic images are quite different from entertainment and violence: They are real. They are processed differently. The "suspension of disbelief" has always been baloney: The essential question for healthy psychological functioning is the ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. People watching a Schwarzenegger shoot em up know its make believe. Thats why they can watch graphic depictions of murder and mayhem without flinching. Likewise quips on the typical TV sitcom, or even a steamy Sharon Stone scene, arent arousing in the sense that is. The fictional media dont play on the powerful chemical signals that real stimuli activate, producing states of motivation so powerful they can temporarily overwhelm even strong sensations like hunger or fatigue.

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California ruling against homeschooling, 3. 14. 08. Here we go again. This is an environment that minimzes the value of the role of women, excludes them and makes them feel as if they don't belong. Very much like the gods have done for children. This is an enviornment that forces women to accept this exclusionary enviornment. However there IS an alternative::::Assimilate through a process of masculinization. The gods instruct AI to make the girls experience this in hope they feel uncomfortable and seek more. Unfortunately the legacy of corruption is firmly in place and too many of those cast into damnation won't be returning. Women who are "tough" have been masculinized and their chances have been seriously degredated because of it.

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those people, who are striking by wall street for many days so far, have a problem which schould be solved. i think wall street works only for the rich people who compose 5% of the Americans instead the 95% of the rest. wall street has looted money which it makes a big gab between the aristocrat class and the middle class. i support those people to keep protesting and do not give up till they take their rights because when the law makers decide to increase taxes on the middle class they dont mind and even they got beatten if they do mind. on the contrary if the rich people in this position they refuse right away and they send cops to crackdown people which is not fair. rich people must pay for the poor ones because they do have surplus of money, while the poor struggle just to survive and pay the bills. Since 1969, Sesame Street has been a part of our lives in the U. S. and around the world. We watched it as children, and were now watching it with our children and even grandchildren. Weve seen our lives reflected on the street and through the compassion of the loveable Sesame Street Muppets.

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