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For example, if you had:and a request is made for the URI /index. html, then Apache will perform lstat2 on //and /The results of these lstats are never cached, so they will occur on every single request. If you really desire the symlinks security checking, you can do something like this:This at least avoids the extra checks for the DocumentRoot path. Note that you'll need to add similar sections if you have any Alias or RewriteRule paths outside of your document root. For highest performance, and no symlink protection, set FollowSymLinks everywhere, and never set SymLinksIfOwnerMatch. Wherever in your URL space you allow overrides typically .

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Ross said the company determined it could not generate as muchenergy with windmills as it could through solar energy. Thetentative proposal calls for building the array about 10 feet offthe ground on mounts that will allow the panels to track themovement of the sun to maximize their photovoltaic potential. "The wind turbines would be much more visible than the solarcells," Ross said. "We wanted to do something that would be theleast disruptive as possible to our neighbors while also beingbeneficial in helping the state reach its renewable energygoals. ""I'm not pushing it either way," he said. "I'm happy to seethey're considering green energy. We want to make sure neighborsare OK with it. "Ross said the project requires local and state approvals,including a state coastal permit. The company would like to installthe panels next year, he said. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually oriented language.

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The Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman shall be a body governed by public law with national jurisdiction, legal status and administrative and financial autonomy. Its structure shall be deconcentrated and it shall have delegates in each province and abroad. Article 215. The Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman shall have as its duties the protection and guardianship of the rights of the inhabitants of Ecuador and the defense of the rights of Ecuadorian nationals living abroad. It shall have the following attributions, in addition to those provided for by law:1. To support, by virtue of its office or at the request of a party, the actions of protection, habeas corpus, access to public information, habeas data, noncompliance, citizen action and complaints for poor quality or improper provision of public or private services. 2. To issue measures of mandatory and immediate compliance for the protection of rights and to request trial and punishment from the competent authority for their violations. 3. To investigate and rule, in the framework of its attributions, on the deeds or omissions of natural persons or legal entities that provide public services. 4.

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Collection of Joan Little Trial Materials, 1975 1976 4006. Significant portions of the 1970s materials pertain to Reston's research on President Richard Nixon and Watergate for the 1977 televised interviews of Nixon by British journalist David Frost and to his investigation of Jim Jones, the People's Temple, and the Jonestown mass suicides and murders in Guyana. The bulk of materials from the 1980s pertain to Reston's research and writing projects about Jim Jones and Jonestown. Also documented are his Freedom of Information Act FOIA requests submitted to government agencies, including the FBI and CIA, in order to obtain documentation and recordings of Jones in Guyana. Reston's major works about Jonestown were the book, Our Father Who Art in Hell, a radio documentary, Father Cares: The Last of Jonestown, which was produced and broadcast by National Public Radio NPR, and a theatrical play, Jonestown Express. Other materials pertain to Reston's continued interest in Sherman's March, his book Sherman and Vietnam, his work on the televised Frontline documentary, 88 Seconds in Greensboro, about the 3 November 1979 shooting deaths of Communist Party members in Greensboro, N. C. , and the biography he was commissioned to write The Lone Star: The Life of John Connally. Other major topics addressed in the materials include the civil rights movement and its opponents during the 1960s, capital punishment, NASA's space shuttle programs, and space exploration. The materials from the 1990s pertain chiefly to the books Reston wrote and published during the decade including Collision at Home Plate: The Lives of Pete Rose and Bart Giamatti, Galileo, a Life, and The Last Apocalypse: Europe in the Year 1000 A. D.

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