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My @AlArabiya Eng take digs into the highly important IranProtests. J1pb68F15Hassan Rouhani reaching a second term in Iran as the regimes president should not be interpreted as the vote of the people seeking a moderate voice over hardline conservatives. In fact, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei sought to repeat the 2009 scenario of engineering the entire election process to have his preferred candidate declared victor, not Rouhani. And yet as we witnessed in 2013 at the beginning of Rouhanis first term, and in 1997 and 2005 when Mohammad Khatami was pulled out of Khameneis election hat, Western mainstream media have rushed to the races to describe Rouhani as a moderate in a regime comprised of radicals. Some went as far as claiming 75% of eligible votes taking part, not clear based on what survey as Iran lacks any atmosphere to conduct an unbiased review. About 75 percent of Iranian voters turned out to repudiate an authoritarian populist and re elect their moderate president, Hassan Rouhani Having concluded the historic nuclear agreement with world powers in 2015, he now emphasized priorities hed abandoned in his first term: rights, freedoms and said a piece in The New York Times.

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I then remove my vertical finger and show how we are left with only my horizontal finger representing the minus sign. I add that this new sign means we have to take away one numerical amount from another. To help students remember the steps in division, I use the acronym, Does McDonalds Sell Chicken DMSC. DMSC stands for Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and Check. I have students write DMSC next to each division problem and then check off each step as they work their way through the process. Circles and Dots is a favorite method I use to teach children multiplication and division facts. For multiplication, I have children look at the problem, then draw the number of circles the first number in the problem represents. I then invite children to look at the second number in the problem and to place that number of dots in each of the circles. So, for example, if the problem was 3 x 5, children would draw three circles and then place 5 dots in each circle. I then have children count the total number of dots shown to arrive at the product of 15. Tip: You can also help reframe the illustration as 3 x 5 is the same as 3 sets of 5.

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Read more Lead us not into temptation by John C. Street Many learned treatises are available on the procedures for harvesting Trophy whitetail deer with proper portable tree stand placement. While the efficiency of this method is irrefutable, the advantage of artificial elevation, regardless of the high art of its placement, morphs the experience by defined intention. The consummate act, as perceived by antihunters, becomes a distasteful selection process not a hunt. Read moreAcceptable limitations by John C. Street This isnt a cooking column and Im not going to attempt to wow anyone with my culinary skills. Let it be noted, however, that Good Wife and I enjoy wild fish and game and have developed, or adopted, a number of very tasty recipes for the fauna we bring home, big, long bearded spring gobblers included. Given our preference for eating from the wild, you may appreciate my disappointment when Good Wife advised that professional responsibilities would keep her out of the turkey woods on the opening Saturday of the spring season. Good Wife, as Ive explained in other columns, is the shooter of our team so, if there was going to be a big, juicy turkey for the barbecue grill that weekend, it would be up to me go fetch it. Read moreHave you ever noticed how clearly the conversation of people in a slow moving boat, talking over the noise of the motor, can be heard from shore?With this audio advantage, I once learned that people who fly fish dont have legitimate fathers and I know he was including me because he was looking at me and smiling unaware I could hear every word when he said it. On another occasion, evidently because I was up to the top of my chest waders in a spot where he wanted to anchor and fish, I heard another gentleman suggest to his buddy that maybe hed just crowd in and anchor anyway and that if I was displeased with their action, I would be encouraged to stick my fly rod where it wouldnt be damaged by direct sunlight.

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