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Using a complex statistical model, the researchers accounted for differences associated with age, gender, type of linguistic judgment, performance accuracy and the method written or spoken in which words were presented. The researchers found that girls still showed significantly greater activation in language areas of the brain than boys. The information in the tasks got through to girls' language areas of the brain areas associated with abstract thinking through language. And their performance accuracy correlated with the degree of activation in some of these language areas. To their astonishment, however, this was not at all the case for boys. In boys, accurate performance depended when reading words on how hard visual areas of the brain worked. In hearing words, boys' performance depended on how hard auditory areas of the brain worked. If that pattern extends to language processing that occurs in the classroom, it could inform teaching and testing methods. Given boys' sensory approach, boys might be more effectively evaluated on knowledge gained from lectures via oral tests and on knowledge gained by reading via written tests. For girls, whose language processing appears more abstract in approach, these different testing methods would appear unnecessary. "One possibility is that boys have some kind of bottleneck in their sensory processes that can hold up visual or auditory information and keep it from being fed into the language areas of the brain," Burman said.

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Audience has a broad interpretation in business and indeed in life as well. Your audience might be a person reading an article, an individual in a coaching session, someone reading your book, a small group at a meeting, or a live audience of dozens, hundreds or thousands. Realize that even a group is composed of individuals hearing or reading your story inside the privacy of their own experience. Think of ways to surprise people. Startle them not necessarily in such a shocking way as this example. Cause them to set their cell phones down and pay attention to you because youve done something unexpected. This will make you a better storyteller. My experience is that people dont think of themselves as good storytellers. The idea alone tends to trip people up simply because you arent sure what kind of story to share. This may surprise you, but Its easy to decide what kind of story to tell when you begin with the outcome in mind. The first question you want to ask yourself has to do with the goal.

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Per the U. S. Army:Americas most popular riflethe AR 15is often portrayed as being something it is not. Probably one of the more popular myths is that the AR stands for assault rifle or automatic rifle. It actually stands for Armalite Rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. Compared with older firearm designs, assault weapons or modern sporting rifles have features that sometimes include, but are not limited to: Some scholars, journalists, and politicians have claimed that assault weapons or modern sporting rifles are not used for hunting or self defense. With regard to this: In 1988, Josh Sugarmann, the founder of a prominent gun control organization, wrote the following about the new topic of assault weapons: The weapons menacing looks, coupled with the publics confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi automatic assault weaponsanything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine guncan only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. A famous George Orwell essay titled Politics and the English Language states the following about words that have no agreed definition:Words of this kind are often used in a consciously dishonest way. That is, the person who uses them has his own private definition, but allows his hearer to think he means something quite different. Prior to the publication of Sugermanns 1988 booklet about assault weapons, Google Books library of books and other publications reveals none that use this term to describe a semi automatic gun. During the ten years after Sugermanns booklet was published: A 2013 New York Times article claims it was the gun industry that first adopted the term assault weapon to increase civilian rifle sales.

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In what cases might Bernard know?If Bernard had been told 18 or 19 then Bernard would know the birthday because there is only one month on the list with each of those numbers. If Albert knew the month were May or June, then he could not say honesty is assumed in logic puzzles!that Bernard could not know. Therefore Albert's statement removes the months of May and June from the possibilities. Bernard is clearly smart enough to have also removed May and June from the list of possibilities because now he announces that he knows. What does that tell us?It removes the day 14 from being possible because Bernard wouldn't know in that case because the birthday could be either July 14 or Aug 14. So Bernard must have been told either 15, 16, or 17 and in any of those cases he would know that the birthday for sure. We now know that the birthday is either July 16 or Aug 15 or Aug 17. Next we find out that Albert now knows the birthday even though we don't. How could he know?If Albert had been told August, then he would still not know whether it was Aug 15 or Aug 17. He could only know the birthday for sure if he had been told July remember 14 has been ruled out. This sounds like a perfect one for the grid method, but we're going to fill the grid with the number of books given to each sister.

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Department of Education SurveysThe series of annual surveys from the Department of Education and Training are scheduled for completion this Term. Shortly you will receive information about the Attitude to School Survey for students and Parent Opinion Survey for parents. Both surveys are designed to allow for student voice and agency and parent voice with respect to all facets of school and student learning. The data collected on the surveys provides the Department of Education and individual schools with information that shapes future school support funding, school student programs, intervention supports and guide other system wide and school specific strategic planning. We welcome and value the input of both our students and parent community. Mr Phil Honeywell, PrincipalMr James Murphy, Assistant PrincipalMr Scott McLeod, Assistant Principal The school came alive this week with all students returning onsite. And wasnt it great to see and be part of. Whilst perhaps we cant be definitive in saying it was great to see all those happy faces on the return as they were hidden by masks!we all certainly could feel the high level of student excitement and enthusiasm that was present in classrooms and around the college grounds. Classrooms were noisy. Productive noise. Busy noise.

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