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Their GPAs are still high, but academic agility is low. College admissions standards have also become a major hurdle to clear for students. Add on a lost year of academics and students that for all intents and purposes should be college ready, are unable to make the academic cut. 4Problem: 95% of high school students expect to earn a college degree and indicate a strong desire for the same, but, regardless, more and more incoming college freshman are disastrously unprepared and unmotivated to achieve that goal. Those same student respondents that expressed the of course attitudes about college, also responded that their primary motivators for pursuing college were: good job, good salary. 5 Somewhere between the illusion of the American Dream and a Bachelors degree lies the truth. Do students simply expect to earn a degree with little work?It makes sense that students whose educational experiences up through secondary school have been somewhat boring, unchallenging and downright lackluster, may expect that their college experience will be similar. Given this illusion, then of course, most students see a college degree in their future, and are justifiably caught very off guard when their first semester of college rolls around and kicks them squarely between the eyes. Samples of select high school teaching methods and policies, chosen for their success rates with college ready students, reveal fundamental strategies that consistently nurture college campus ready high school students:Any suggestion from naysayers that these methods would fail in certain high schools is moot these methods belong to and were observed in practice in a handful of high performing schools in high minority, high poverty areas. Which means, essentially, that if these methods work to develop the skills of high school students in disadvantaged schools, they should work in almost any high school in America. Furthermore, the study that distilled these findings was ultimately presented as a primer for education lawmakers.

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Adverse commodity price shocks tend to lead to financial problems in non diversified economies. The results also highlight that the detrimental effects of commodity price shocks are more common in countries with a low diversification of their export base. A lack of diversification may increase exposure to adverse external shocks and vulnerability to macroeconomic instability. While a diversified export base may allow countries to better handle declines in commodity related revenues with alternative sources. In terms of policy implications, the findings underscore the necessity of adopting policies to increase the resilience of resource rich countries. First, developing countries should promote sound economic policies and good governance that will ensure the effective use of natural resource windfalls and build fiscal buffers, including through sovereign wealth funds or similar arrangement.

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Of course the grievances are getting worse because the U. S. gov. cant get a new way to build a better economy. But the people should also help in the process. I have not protested in the Occupy Wall Street Protest and I dont plan to do so. The future of the Occupy Wall Street Protest depends on a better government and economy. of cousre i do sympathize with the occupy wall street movement. those people, who are striking by wall street for many days so far, have a problem which schould be solved. i think wall street works only for the rich people who compose 5% of the Americans instead the 95% of the rest. wall street has looted money which it makes a big gab between the aristocrat class and the middle class.

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Eventually, they end up on the streets. Perspective: In 1996, the United States had 5. 5 million children living in extreme poverty, approximately one million of whom were on the streets. 5 A study conducted by the Luxembourg Income Study shows poor children in the United States are poorer than children in most Western industrialized countries, since the United States has less generous social programs, the widest gap between rich and poor, and high numbers of poor immigrant and unwed teen mothers. 6 The poverty and social conditions many American children face lead to large numbers of homeless and street children. Vulnerability and homeless and street children Children who are vulnerable to street life include those who have been abandoned by their families or sent into cities because of a family's intense poverty, often with hopes that a child will be able to earn money for the family and send it home. Children who run away from home or children's institutions frequently end up on the street since they rarely return home due to dysfunctional families, or physical, mental, and/or abuse. In several areas of the world, disabled children are commonly abandoned, particularly in developing countries. In addition, refugee children of armed conflict areas, children separated from their families for long periods of time, and AIDS orphans, repeatedly find nowhere to go but the streets. The effects of street and homeless lifeHomelessness and street life have extremely detrimental effects on children. Their unstable lifestyles, lack of medical care, and inadequate living conditions increase young people's susceptibility to chronic illnesses such as respiratory or ear infections, gastrointestinal disorders, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

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