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, for example, Parents Amplifying Voices in Education advocated for and secured a commitment to more equitable and transparent district budgeting. Likewise, in Atlanta, the Latino Association for Public School Parents issued the first ever parent driven state of the schools report in December calling for greater educational equity. Were also moved by the millions of parents who every year fight to find a school that works for their kids. Most of the nonprofit schools we support exist only if parents choose to send their children there. This reality pushes our local partners to prioritize the needs of children and their families, and to get better as quickly as possible. 74 Interview: The City Fund Founders Talk About Their New Campaign to Identify Americas Most Innovative Public School Systems and the First Metro Areas Where Theyll Be InvestingFrom school leaders to nonprofit executives, we have to do more to ensure that local leaders reflect the communities they serve.

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2013Privacy Partner Michael Sussmann was quoted in a front page New York Times article, "How M. I. T. Ensnared a Hacker, Bucking a Freewheeling Culture," about the suicide of hacker/activist Aaron Swartz, who took his life as his trial for allegedly hacking into the M. I. T.

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I managedthis without much difficulty; he followed myprogress, holding the end of the pole over my head incase of difficulty, in which case I would be allowedto grasp the end of the pole and be pulled to theside of the pool. Treading water, wearing that ducksuit, seemed to go on for a long time, but eventuallyhe told me to leave the pool and so I was classed asa swimmer. Off duck suit, dry oneself and change backinto uniform. My identity card was stamped and I didnot need any swimming lessons. Several of us passedthat test and then came the turn of those whoprofessed not to be able to swim. They were givenswimming briefs and told to enter the shallow end. One could see the fear on the faces of those fellows,and so began their swimming lesson. A P. T. I. gavethem a rudimentary lesson and then they had to facethe deep end of the pool and swim.

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3, pp. 1478 1489. Prez Fuster, P. ; Rodrigo, M. F. , Crissman, J. L. , Bernal, E. M. , Nora, A.

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The result is a red tide. Red tides may affect and kill marine animals such as shellfish, fish, birds, and marine mammals. Coastal upwelling, where nutrient rich water is lifted from the ocean depths towards the surface, may also cause red tides. As human induced climate change raises sea surface temperatures and increases the frequency of major coastal storms, some scientists predict an increase in red tides. Other types of human activity may cause red tides. Agricultural runoff contains large amounts of algae "food" nitrates and phosphates and may cause red tides. The ever growing human population will only increase demands on agriculture. As a result, the frequency of red tides is likely to increase. California sea lions have been feeling the effects of red tides over the past decade, according to researchers at the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Charleston, S. C. , and the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Calif.

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