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Our petition is so that the Merciful Monarch, distinguishing wheat from chaff, would be kindly disposed to grant several, however modest privileges to the worthy and cultivated among us, thus encouraging good and praiseworthy actions. Even in all their excited hopes they could not even imagine how quickly the changes in the position of the Jews would be implemented in practice already in 1862 some of the authors of this petition would ask about extending equal rights to all who graduate from secondary educational institutions, for the grammar school graduates of course, must be considered people with a European education. And yes, in principle, the Tsar did not mind violations of the laws concerning the Jewish Pale of Settlement in favor of individual groups of the Jewish population. In 1859 Jewish merchants of the 1st Guild were granted the right of residency in all of Russia and the 2nd Guild in Kiev from 1861; and also for all three guilds in Nikolayev, Sevastopol, and Yalta with the right of arranging manufacturing businesses, contracts, and acquiring real estate. Earlier, doctors and holders of masters degrees in science had already enjoyed the right of universal residency including the right to occupy posts in government service; here we should note a professor of medicine G. A. Q. Khan had allies in high places who, rather than ignoring his activities, were directly involved. In Pakistan this can only mean the generals, including some of those currently in power, and to a certain but unknowable degree Musharraf himself. Hasan mentioned that the country's leaders had without question been given plenty of warning. It turns out that Munir Ahmed Khan, A.

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December 11 . 6 9 PM Exhibition ON Display . December 11 February 3 The 83rd Annual Judy Christofolis Student Show exhibition is the largest juried exhibition of work made by our students. These five easy to implement accommodations can make class less stressful and more manageable for students with dyslexia. For many of us, reading is as automatic as breathing. But for the millions of students with dyslexia, reading is a difficult task that poses constant academic and emotional challenges. To simulate the experience of reading with dyslexia, try using this key to decipher the coded statement below. Youve taken symbols and connected them with new speech sounds. Until those connections are automatic, the reading process will be laborious and draining. Now imagine reading like thisevery word you encounter all day long. This is how it can feel for students with dyslexia.

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E. Q. is giving importance to emotions quotient of a certain individual. This is now where the Hidden Curriculum comes into play. When teaching individuals we should make them realize the values that they will be gaining when performing a certain activity. Hidden Curriculum will prepare the learners for the 21st century workplace by giving the core values of being human when they grow up to be young adults. Plus it is mentioned in the study of Robert Sternberg of Tufts University we should have the new 3 Rs in our curriculum. the Rs stand for Reasoning which include analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, Resilience which encompasses life skills such as flexibility, adaptability, and self reliance, and Responsibility which Sternberg links to wisdom, which he defines as the application of intelligence, creativity, and knowledge for a common good. Reasoning is developed when we do brainstorming when doing class activities. Resilience is part of the hidden curriculum because as students we are not taught to be flexible, adaptable be self reliant this comes out as we do certain activities inside the class. Responsibility is also not the main purpose of having school works.

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The transition back into the school setting and the physical classroom face to face with teachers also requires our attention and support for students to successfully adjust. This is a focus of the college and we ask that if there is anything students or families need from us to ensure this transition is as successful as it can be please let us know. The series of annual surveys from the Department of Education and Training are scheduled for completion this Term. Shortly you will receive information about the Attitude to School Survey for students and Parent Opinion Survey for parents. Both surveys are designed to allow for student voice and agency and parent voice with respect to all facets of school and student learning. The data collected on the surveys provides the Department of Education and individual schools with information that shapes future school support funding, school student programs, intervention supports and guide other system wide and school specific strategic planning. We welcome and value the input of both our students and parent community. Term 4 Update, Information and Potential QuestionsItemTerm 4 Details and Information Key Dates and Timelines1. Week 2 Oct 12 16 All students return to Onsite Learning at schoolTerm 4 Priority Areas1. The 3 main priorities of the re engagement to schooling in Term 4 are 1. Mental Health and Wellbeing 2.

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