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Television is Easy and Print is Tough: The Differential Investment of Mental Effort as a Function of Perceptions and Attributions. Journal of Educational Psychology 76: 647658. Sanchez Vives, M. V. and Slater, M. 2005. Equity or Equality?A Conceptual Examination of the Influence of Individualism/Collectivism on the Cross Cultural Application of Equity Theory. Cross Cultural Management, 124, 1736. Fontaine, C. 2010. Motivation Theory and Practice.

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Advanced notice is preferred and should be directed to the appropriate Clerkship Director as soon aspossible. Students may request an absence in order to participate in a professional conference if she is giving a presentation, is on the conference planning committee, or has other official duties related to the organization and/or conference. Absence requests are not guaranteed and should be submitted to the appropriate Core Clerkship Director or PEP Director for consideration no later than four weeks prior to the start of the rotation. Students are expected to participate in all activities of the clerkship. Absence requests of a non emergency nature should be directed to the appropriate Core Clerkship Director or PEP Director for consideration no later than four weeks prior to the start of the rotation. All absences will be submitted centrally through the Time Off request form. Students are asked to complete the Time Off request form to make their formal request with submission to the selected departmental director of which they seeking to be excused from in either the Core or PEP. All absences will be reported to and monitored by the Office of Student Affairs and the Year Three Director. Students with multiple absences will be discussed at the Year 3 Student Progress Subcommittee Y3 SPS. The Y3 SPS will make recommendations regarding student support actions and remediation for those with multiple absences that will be sent to the SIU School of Medicine Student Progress Committee as needed. Report all absences / time off request via the link on the Y3 Webpage/forms.

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The kind of skills you develop in the real world, outside the bubble of your parents protection or the ideological indoctrination that has overwhelmed our entire educational system. Im talking about skills that cannot be taught in a classroom or in a textbook. Skills you can only learn by doing; by learning how to fly after jumping off the cliff. Skills that can only be developed when you find your true self. When you put yourself on the line or otherwise expose yourself to the possibility of failure. Because you think everything is too hard or too complicated so you will just sit this one out, or maybe youll, do it tomorrow!Because while youre sitting around failing to try, I am out there trying to fail, challenging myself, learning new things and failing as fast as possible. Because as I fail, I learn, and then adjust my course to make sure my path is always forward. Like the process of annealing steel, Ive been through the fire and pounded into shape. The shape of a sword with polished edges and a razor sharp blade that will cut you in half if you are not equally hardened. Because you believe that being different is only cool if youre different in the same way that other people are different. Because you are afraid to embrace your true self for fear of how the world will see you.

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, Landry, D. J. , and Singh, S 2000. Changing Emphases in Sexuality Education in U. S. PublicSecondary Schools. Family Planning Perspectives, 32, 204 212. Sept ct. Kirby, D 2002. The impact of schools and school programs upon adolescent behavior. Journal of SexResearch, 391.

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Saturday: Noon 8 p. m. Sunday: Noon MidnightThe Information Technology IT Department provides reliable, up to date, effective, secure and integrated technology solutions and information services to empower students, faculty and staff to meet their goals in support of the mission of the university. The IT Help Desk is your initial point of contact for the Information Technology department. If you are having difficulties accessing Regent systems Genisys, Blackboard, Email, etc. , need your password reset, or are having issues with a Regent University computer, the IT Help Desk is here to help!The Information Technology Help Desk is pleased to announce expanded Blackboard Support. Regent University has partnered with Blackboard Support Services to provide students, faculty, and staff with 24/7 expert support for Blackboard. All current Regent University Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to Microsofts Office 365 at no cost. Accessing Office 365 is simple and provides you with Office for PC, Mac and a number of mobile platforms. Click here for more information. MyRegent is your portal into many of the systems and services available to you at Regent University.

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