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In many instances, sales quotas are used as the basis of incentives, such as additional commission, cash, and other incentives. You can use KPIs to set your goals for your annual income and see what it will take to make your earnings goal a reality. See Table 14. 1 "Goal Setting" for this example. Assume you wanted to make $45,000 in a year and you are paid a $500 commission on every sale. What will it take to earn your target income?Do the math below.

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19Research like this began a long time ago,20 the better part of a century21 a litany of bad news for chair warriors, connecting inactivity to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. 22232425 Sitting around is even actually exhausting!True story: you will feel less fatigued if you get regular activity. 26There are probably many mechanisms for all this, but one of the most interesting is that muscle tissue may actually be a wellspring of health sustaining, regulatory chemicals like big, beefy glands that you can flex but they do this mainly when they are working, almost like they need pumping. When resting for too long, muscles cells stop producing these substances that we need for normal biological operations. 2728Thats all pretty grim, but it gets worse: activity may not reverse that effect, or not easily. The effect just described, for instance, was not easily reversed by exercise. 29It has been said that exercise is the closest thing there is to a miracle cure. All the evidence suggests small amounts of regular exercise five times a week for 30 minutes each time for adults brings dramatic benefits, we age well when we are active Gopinath: less anxiety Schuch, prevention of dementia Smith and a laundry list of other diseases Pedersen, and as little as just 10 minutes per week might push back death itself Zhao. Exercising at the right intensity +The right intensity being the Goldilocks zone: enough to provoke adaption, not enough to injure. is biologically normalizing, pushing systems to work the way they are supposed to work. Biology is all about clever homeostatic mechanisms that nudge tissue state back to average.

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Over the last ten years, cults have used tactics of coercive mind control to negatively impact an estimated 20 million victims in the last ten years. Worldwide figures are even greater. IndoctrinationCult experts often refer to the analogy of a frog in boiling water. It is said that if you try to boil a frog by placing it in boiling water, it will just hop out. But if you place it in lukewarm water and slowly increase the heat, it will not try to escape. The frog will stay still until the water is boiling around it and it is cooked. Similarly, cult like manipulation takes place incrementally and over time. New entrants to the cult are shown only the most acceptable and positive aspects of the business or practice when they first join. After the initial emotional or spiritual bonding that takes place within the group, the intimidation, coercion, and control can begin. Businesses as CultsAs Dr. Margaret Singer points out in her book, Cults In Our Midst, many cults operate as businesses, with their tactics focused around financial success instead of religion or spirituality.

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